Davis Tactical Solutions LLC
Doug Davis
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(251) 366-1241
  1. The Davis Tactical LINCH
    The Davis Tactical LINCH allows owners of AKM type rifles to install a left hand charging handle on their AK's without modifying their rifles. The LINCH installs in seconds and is no more complicated than installing a standard top cover.
  2. DTS (Davis Tactical Solutions) L.I.N.C.H. cover
    Second Upgrade of the Romanian WASR 10/63 rifle. Overview of the DTS (Davis Tactical Solutions) L.I.N.C.H. cover. A drop-in replacement dust cover that allows operation of the bolt carrier from both the left and right side of the AK-47.
  3. "1 MOA AK-47 Iron Sights" by Nutnfancy
    The Tech-Sights, model AK200S, shown and tested, features a .062 rear apeture that provides a clear and precise sight picture. I recommend coupling them with the .047 front sight post that makes this style of shooting possible (at least for me). Rugged, well made, and substantially increasing the sight radius, this AK200S model on the TNP SGL21 impressed the heck out of me with its shooting. It's worth the cost if you love the AK iron option. The LINCH/Techsight combo are now available for pre-order.