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    I recently purchased the LINCH system for my SBR PAP M92 from Doug Davis. My first impression was surprise at how solid the LINCH cover is, it was stronger than I expected. It fit better than my original cover (tighter) and operation was smooth and quick to master. I then took a 4 day rifle course at Frontsight in NV to put the LINCH through its test. In the course we fired from the 3 to the 200 yard line. We did tactical and emergency reloads as well as 3 types of malfunctions, all for time. I relied only on the LINCH for all bolt manipulations and it never failed once. The weather was freezing in the morning and the frozen ice would turn to thick mud in the afternoon. All the mags became muddy when they would hit the deck, which never hindered the LINCH. In all we fired 750-800 rnds and it worked flawless. Doug Davis has created an awesome product with the LINCH and he is a great guy to do business with. As I purchase additional AKs, I will picking up more LINCH covers. BK in Las Vegas.
    30-JAN-2017 Morrissey MAK47-63 Cover
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    Just got them! Dude these are so awesome. Tried one on my mini draco and fit perfectly and super tight. charging is a breeze and feels so natural. I wish I had the cash to replace all my AK covers with them. I'll get you some pictures when I get done with work. Also, the finish on these is fantastic compared to the ask that they are on. I'd love to get some ask refinished to look this nice if you have a guy to recommend I'd be interested. Furious Oyster
    10-SEP-2017, 2 Morrissey MAK47-63 Cover
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    Mr. Davis, We received and installed the three covers. They are indeed tight but they fit. They’re also stiff but lubrication with white lithium grease helped and I assume that they will work in quickly. What paint and color did you use to finish the covers? For your information here are the three hosts (all 7,.62 X 39):1.Draco C SBR; 2.Arsenal SLR 107CR SBR;3.Palmetto State Armory PSAK47 GB2. Let me know if you want photos of one or all for your web site. I’ll be happy to help. Thanks also for the business cards. The timing is good: we’re teaching a Range Safety Officer class this weekend. I’ll demo the L.I.N.C.H. and give cards to interested people. I look forward to the remaining three covers. Best, Joseph Katz, For Paladin Services LLC A South Carolina Limited Liability Company Since 1996.
    28-JUL-2017 Morrissey MAK47-63 Cover