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Davis Tactical Solutions (DTS) is a small veteran based business. We have designed patent upgrades for the Kalashnikov rifle in the USPTO. Our goal is to continue making products simplistic and field expedient. No other company offers the services we provide.
USPTO patent number: 8,117,954/8,266,998
The LINCH top cover patent number 8,117,954 was designed by Doug Davis in 2005. The design would allow the operator to maintain the weapon at the ready and perform tactical reloads without reaching over or under the rifle to operate the charging handle. The intent was to combined the most commonly abundant charging handle from the FN battle rifle into the AK top cover. The first prototype was developed in 2006 and required modification to the bolt carrier utilizing standard FN charging lug. The slide channel worked with all metric and inch pattern FN charging handles and was positioned so all POSP based optics would function. In 2007 the FN charging lug was completely redesigned in angle and size needed to engage the front leading edge of the AK bolt carrier. The charging tab would now rest in a natural space between the barrel trunnion and the bolt carrier. This space is present on almost all Kalashnikov weapon systems. The installation of the cover now would be no different than replacing any standard AK top cover. The LINCH top cover is non-reciprocating during firing and makes no contact until the charging handle is pulled. The utility patent was granted in 2012. Another utility patent was added for additional protection with broader claims. The LINCH conversion will work on all Kalashnikov weapon systems shotguns or rifles. The estimated number of Kalashnikov weapons is 106 million worldwide.

USPTO patent numbers: 7,261,029
The DTS Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO) kit patent number 7,261,029 was designed by Doug Davis in 2001. The intent was to develop a modified parts kit that would allow the upgrade of the Kalashnikov assault rifle to have a last round hold open device. This would be similar to all modern assault rifles, and require no changes to the lower receiver. This kit adds standard modified Kalashnikov parts allowing the bolt group to hold open after the last round is fired. The bolt group will remain open until magazine changes are complete. With the activation of the bolt release lever on the left side of the top cover, the bolt group will move forward chambering another round. The LRBHO kit consist of three modified components the bolt carrier, magazine followers, and top cover. This kit is a drop-in application on the milled Kalashnikov receivers. The stamped receivers require a small cut in the cross member pin to allow the stopping tab to move up interrupting the feeding cycle. The bolt carrier and magazines are caliber specific to each weapon platform. The bolt release lever and the top cover are caliber unspecific. The utility patent was granted in 2008.  This DTS kit is the simplest way to upgrade the AK rifle to have LRBHO features with minimum changes to the lower receiver.
Davis Tactcial Solutions future services
We always look forward to working with companies with new top cover designs. The LINCH operating system can be intergraded on any Kalashnikov cover. We have converted many variants of covers from the Finland Valmet M76 to the Russian Vepr S12.  The Krebs KV-13 covers have also been converted. We have recently added the TechSights/LINCH covers to our conversions. The TechSights AK top cover offers AR style iron sights with an eight-inch increase in sight radius. This iron sighting system is proven to be stable and the TechSights AK cover will fit many different receivers. We are now taking pre-orders on these standard TechSights/LINCH covers. In the future with this combination new feature will be added. With the TechSights/LINCH integration squeezable tabs will be added to the steel sight base making the covers more field expedient. This allows the TechSights cover to be removed quickly or even hinge upwards  with the use of the Parabellum Armament AKARS mount. The LINCH charging handle system on the TechSights cover will also be turned to a 90-degree angle allowing more clearance for optics. The LRBHO lever would also be added to the left side.  With the combination of these three drop-in applications a standard AKM rifle can be modified to have the functionality and features of the new Russian AK12 rifle.  We appreciate the opportunity and collaboration at Tech-SIGHT LLC and look forward to working with them in the future.

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